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1. Free Saline - This product is including saline for free in order to mix with toxin. However, there is a possibility for the package of saline to be missing, broken or damaged during the shipment. Unfortunately, we do not compensate it as a store credit or reshipping. Saline is widely available in pharmacy, and you can purchase it in your local pharmacies or online shops.

2. Empty Bottle - It may appear so at first sight; however, we assure you the bottle is not empty. Botulinum toxins mostly come in a powdered form* (with the exception of Innotox). The powder is very fine that it can easily be mistaken for an empty bottle, however, we can assure you that all of units are accounted for. You will need to dilute the toxin with the saline to use it.

3. Melted Ice - You're about to order botulinum toxins. Please be informed that during summer season, despite proper packaging, products may arrive in relatively warm or even hot conditions. Based on our experience and tests results, the product may lose its efficiency up to 10%. Please proceed with purchase upon your discretion. 

4. Storing Diluted Product - Botulinum toxin products basically recommended to use all the units once opened within 24 hours from mixing according to the description. Based on doctor's experience, it is still recommended to use units AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. If you have remaining toxin after the first use, it would be possible to store and use up to one month, but it can be less effective up to 10%. Toxins should be stored in a fridge.



Rentox 100U is very popular, it is highly effective at a low cost of the product cost. 

Rentox 100 is a popular product in many countries around the world. Manufactured by a well known South Korean company (Pharma Research BIO Co., Ltd.).

Application area:

  • The first signs of aging and the appearance of mimic wrinkles.
  • Excessive sweating.
  • Correction of the shape of the lips.
  • Prevention and correction of cicatricial changes in the skin.
  • Fine wrinkled type of skin aging.
  • Preparation for plastic surgery.


Ingredient: Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A

Composition: 100 Units

Storage: Store at 2 ~ 8 in a refrigerator, in hermetic container

Shelf Life: 36 months from manufacturing date


* Rentox 100U dilution guide

Diluent Added (0.9% Sodium Chlorid)

Resulting Dose (U/0.1 mL)

Rentox 100U

1.0 mL

10.0 U

2.0 mL

5.0 U

4.0 mL

2.5 U

8.0 mL

1.25 U

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